Breeder Program

Welcome to PEGA ( Gastronome Animal Breeder Program )


At Gastronome Animal we recognize the dedication and responsibility breeders have when bringing healthy dogs and cats to the world. We support your commitment to these animals and want to help make quality nutrition possible for new litters and their parents; contributing to their health and vitality.


To get started, please fill in the breeder registration form provided here: click on this link and e-mail it to us at info.eleveurs@gastronomeanimal.comOnce approved, you will be able to register your litter and receive your breeder account number. This will enable you to offer a going home puppy/kitten kit (depending on the brand) to families adopting your puppies or kittens, helping them to continue their pet's feeding journey.


Sign up and save every time you buy Gastronome Animal food at a local pet store. You can also contact our breeder representative at for any questions you may have.